Because excellent Events are based on excellent Software.

Converia is the powerful event management software that helps you with planning and running your event by providing perfectly coordinated features. All of them combined in one software. Clear, user-friendly and completely web-based.

The numerous features adjust to your individual event: You only select those you need. Then your event’s success is sure to follow.

The perfect Solution for Everyone

Universities & Higher Education

You’re planning a scientific conference, a congress or a meeting? It's time to get to know Converia. Our software is the perfect event management tool that also saves you a lot of time.

PCOs & Organizations

Whether you’re planning an organization’s events or you’re working as a professional conference organizer, there's this basic task that remains the same: You’re supposed to keep an eye on everything. It’s not that hard with Converia. It’s in fact very easy to use our software to manage all kinds of events without losing track of what's currently happening.

Business Events

With our software, your business events are going to leave a lasting impression. But there’s more: Using Converia also means less work for you as it takes care of the basics instead of leaving it to you and your attendees.

Some of our Clients

How can Converia turn your event into an excellent one?