Our Strengths

10 Reasons for choosing Converia

We know the ropes.

Our software has supported event professionals from all sorts of fields for more than ten years. Hence we know exactly what’s essential.

We won’t stay in the same spot.

We’ve already achieved a lot. But we want more.
That’s why we keep on developing Converia and add new features on a regular basis.

We offer the full range.

Attendee registration, abstract management, the matching app: We provide our customers with perfectly geared solutions that include everything they need. Coordinating different providers should be something that belongs in the past.

We are listening.

Your project isn’t just one among many but rather one that’s special regarding its requirements. So don’t hesitate to tell us about your wishes.

We are on call.

Our customers don’t have to deal with call center agents. If there are any questions or problems, just phone us up and we’ll take care of it.

We’ll stay affordable.

There’s no need to look for hidden costs, you won’t find any. We won’t charge you anything that goes beyond your budget’s scope either.

We are here for you.

A personal touch is vital to us. Our customers have a contact person who takes care of their project from start to finish.

We are reliable.

Because we know about the importance of agreements for everyone involved, you can rely on us. Once we confirm an appointment, we’ll make it.

We always find the best solution.

Converia adjusts itself to your conference, not the other way round. As individual features can be combined, we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

We are quick.

As soon as tasks are assigned, we start working on them. With a clear structure, that won't take long.

The Converia Team

Total commitment for a conference means that all of us work as one in order to put the project plan into action. We always aim for superb results and for providing the best conference management solution. Satisfied customers are crucial to our work and to keep them happy is our daily mission. In our well-practiced team, that’s also fun to do.