... but if the organization of your conference doesn’t go stress-free, the software is probably the reason.

This is mostly due to the conference software’s inability to cover each step of the conference planning process which means you have to cut back or use additional tools for individual tasks. This costs valuable time that could be better spent on the actual planning of the conference.

Converia therefore combines all aspects of the conference in one software.

From registration to check-in: Converia remains by your side and keeps your conference stress-free

  • Online Registration

    You create the registration form for your conference along with all parameters - price groups, ticket types, optional offers, discounts, early bird rates, …

  • Payments & Invoices

    We manage the registration fees and everything that comes with them - invoices, changes to bookings, cancellations. This also includes monitoring all incoming payments and transferring the revenue to your account.

  • Call for Papers

    With Converia, you collect submissions for academic conferences and then assign them to reviewers. You also use the conference software to manage all communication between submitters, reviewers and committees.

  • Conference Schedule

    Turn your accepted papers into program items. And since all data on submissions and the people involved are already provided in Converia, you can use the software to create the full conference schedule.

  • Check-In

    Participants check in themselves on-site - Converia records the check-in times and on top of that provides you with name badges participants receive during check-in.

  • Digital Conferences

    If parts of your conference are virtual or you run a digital conference, the Converia Virtual Venue is the perfect platform for streams, videos, and networking. Our partners take care of the technology side of things.

  • Data Privacy & Security

    Your conference’s data are safe with us. Converia is 100% GDPR-compliant. This also means we host your Converia installation on servers located in a German high-security data center.

Converia’s booking system can be customized to complicated booking workflows (difference conference combinations, formats, and single events). The backend feature for exporting and monitoring are also very user-friendly. We can thoroughly recommend the system to other conference organizers.

Richard Huber, CIO and DPO at the Viadrina European University

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