Converia helps you to create the registration process for your conference in no time and makes sure that you can use the data for the following steps.

You’re using more than one tool to manage conference attendees?

Then maybe you’re familiar with the issue of implementing a new software when everyone has to learn the ropes in order to really understand how everything works. Sometimes it’s difficult to transfer data seamlessly between different tools, sometimes it doesn’t even work at all. And all of this happens when you should actually take care of invoices that need an update or bookings that were cancelled.

Converia bridges the gap between online registration and the rest of the conference.

  • Quickly set up the conference registration process

    including different ticket categories, special offers, vouchers, discounts and multiple registration periods..

  • We transfer the registration fees to your bank account

    which means no extra work on your part. We generate invoices and tickets on your behalf, deposit payments, take care of changes to bookings and transfer the earnings to your account.

  • You want to invite speakers or there’s a call for papers?

    Organize the entire submission and review process – Converia has all the features you need.

  • Build your conference schedule

    and just drag & drop presentations and sessions to your preferred slots.

  • You won’t have to deal with queues anymore

    thanks to our check-in solutions. We can provide you with badges as well

Registering attendees, assigning them to a workshop, automatically generating invoices, exporting lists of participants or sending out bulk mails are just some of the tasks we were able to handle with Converia. Everyone attending our congress was very pleased with the simple registration process.

Denise Bieri, Organizer of the SLRG-Weiterbildungskongresses
Swiss Lifesaving Society SLRG

Some of the clients using our conference management software include

Your conference has special requirements and you don’t know whether Converia is the right fit?