Converia for Business Events

Usually, there isn’t a lot of time for planning a business event. But tough deadlines should never stop a first-class event from taking shape. What may seem a tad unrealistic at first becomes an achievable goal with Converia. Our software will guide all of your in-house and live events to success.

Comfortable Online Registration

Your attendees conveniently register for your business event online.
If there are special options for certain groups, you can easily specify them in the registration form.
After completing the registration process, every attendee receives a personalized confirmation email.
It also takes but a glance at the Converia dashboard to learn how many people have already signed up for your event.

Customized Appearance

A business event isn’t complete without a corporate design. Therefore we believe your event website as well as the event app and all receipts for your attendees should look shiny and familiar instead of boring and default.

Quick Implementation of Changes

Sometimes things don’t turn out as initially planned. Converia caters to that and allows you to implement changes quickly and without a hitch. You need to cancel one of the presentations? Just remove it from the schedule and the event app will automatically update to the latest agenda.

First-rate Support & Services

We are happy to provide you with a personal consultation during which we'll discuss everything you want to know about organizing and running your business event. Besides, we can analyze which features and services best fit your event’s needs.
If there are technical questions prior to or during the business event, contact us. You can rely on our support team.
If desired, we can also host your business event website on our servers and back up your data.

Converia in Action

World Congress with 4,000 Attendees and high Standards

World Congress with 4,000 Attendees and high Standards

In our case study, we describe how our perfectly-tailored solution helped the German Social Accident Insurance at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

Events are versatile - just like the Converia solutions.