Convenient Conference App

Personalized and always up to date – that’s probably the best way to describe our conference app. As a personal guide, it organizes every attendee’s schedule and makes sure your updates reach everyone immediately.

Highly functional and mobile. The perfect companion for each day of your conference.

Always Up To Date

Compared to a printed schedule, our conference app has a major advantage: It can always be updated, even after the conference is already in full swing. None of the attendees will be left in the dark as to what is happening on the schedule. If an item has to be delayed or even gets canceled, the conference app will help to spread the message.

Extensive Content

Content-wise, the Converia conference app has plenty to offer. Other than the chronologically sorted conference program including all sessions, abstracts and speakers, it lists all of the highlights such as keynotes, the opening ceremony as well as the conference dinner. Of course there’s also plenty of room for general information. Tell your attendees about the conference's location and fill them in on how to get there or whom to contact in case they have any questions.

Individual Planning

The conference program addresses all attendees. But in most cases, not every item is relevant to everyone. And the bigger the conference the more difficult it becomes to stay on top of things. That’s why our conference app enables everyone to build their personal schedule. In order to get there, an attendee just needs to mark certain program items as favorite.

Social Media Integration

Do you use social networks to keep your attendees updated? Great! The Converia conference app guarantees that your updates reach their feeds. Everything you publish instantly appears on the attendees’ screens. No matter what they’re using the app for – the news stream is always available.

Precise Evaluations

Get feedback from your attendees while the impressions are still fresh. With the conference app, attendees are able to award points for every presentation. You'll be able to see the final results, learn how well the presentations were received and use the evaluations as a basis for planning the follow-up conference.

One App For All Devices

The Converia conference app is available for many mobile devices – iPhone and iPad, Blackberry phones as well as Android smartphones and tablets. Plus, there’s an offline mode that ensures the app is still working even when your conference is held at a location with poor internet connection.

High-Performance Features for your Conference

It's easy to balance your work load when using Converia. Our numerous smart features that go hand-in-hand with our conference app keep you covered at every step of the way.

Conference Schedule

Putting together the schedule as well as sharing it with everyone becomes incredibly simple with our visual conference planner.

See Our App in Action

Get in touch with us for a quick presentation of the app and the rest of the Converia features that can help you with your conference.