Flexible, Safe, and Reliable

What would you prefer? Controlling our software from your organization’s datacenter or planning your conferences with a small team and no own servers? However you decide, it doesn’t matter to our software as Converia is tremendously adaptive and therefore fine with both.

But there’s more: The whole package includes permanently protecting your data. The data center where we host our servers is ISO 27001 certified and guarantees a high security level. That's why Converia is ready to use at all times.

Server location Germany

All of your conference data will be stored on German servers in an ISO 27001-certified high-security datacenter only. This means the data is subject to the very strict data protection standards of the EU's GDPR. Whenever data is transferred, it will be in encrypted form which means the data is protected from unauthorized access. We will not collect or use any of your personal data if we don’t have your permission to do so. Therefore we can also guarantee that your attendees‘ personal information won’t be used for advertising purposes.

Seamless fit & single sign-on

Converia fits easily into your existing IT infrastructure and is perfectly suited for use in datacenters of universities and research institutes.
Working with Converia becomes even easier for employees at universities or organizations whose authentication infrastructure is based on Shibboleth. Once logged in, users can start working with Converia. Creating a separate Converia user account is not necessary in that case.

Always up

Our software is entirely web-based so you can access Converia anytime from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to install additional applications. And being platform-independent, the software seamlessly blends into your conference management.

Failure safety

Converia doesn’t just accompany your events from the start. It also brings them to a successful close. In order to get there, our conference management software needs to be particularly failsafe. That’s what our optional data backups are for - thus nothing will be lost and you can continue working with your data.

Central payment processing

Our software is designed to process incoming payments via your organization’s budget unit and according to defined standards.

Easy maintenance

Expanding your Converia experience is extremely simple. If you crave a feature that’s not part of your software package yet, it can easily be added. This is also the reason why Converia is in for the long haul when it comes to improving your conference management.

Interfaces for integrating external applications

The Converia API provides a simple data exchange with external systems. It enables you to transfer your event’s key figures into your own database, match attendee data with your CRM system and export billing information which can then be read into your accounting system. By connecting Converia to your directory service you also get rid of the time-consuming management of user accounts across multiple systems.

Being better is easy with Converia

You’re way ahead of the game with our software – not just from the technical side of things. Lots of features make sure your conferences are always a tad better than the rest.

Feature matrix

Take a look at our feature matrix for an overview of our event management software's functionality.

More information

Want to learn even more about Converia? Let us know and drop us a line.