“We want to sell tickets for our conference and are looking for a software.”

Use Converia to create your conference’s registration form just the way you like. However, the major part of the work only starts when the first attendees sign up.

Conference organizers have to issue booking confirmations and invoices, monitor all incoming payments, make changes to bookings and update the accompanying invoices.

Even when using a software, this quickly turns into a full-time job.

This is where Converia comes in: We manage all attendee payments directly for you.

We …

  • … create booking confirmations, invoices and tickets on your behalf
  • … allow attendees to pay by credit card and PayPal
  • … keep an eye on the incoming payments and provide all payment information in the system
  • … process booking changes, cancellations and refunds
  • … transfer the earnings to your account and create a detailed final invoice

It's reassuring to know that you can let experts take care of the payment handling process.

Michaela Born, Max Planck Institut for Meteorology

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