Guided Online Presentation

You want to know if our conference management software and your conference make a good fit? Time to get to know Converia then. And that works best with a guided online presentation during which we’ll introduce you to individual features and services and discuss how Converia can be put to best use. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get some burning questions off your chest.

All you need are 30-90 minutes of your time and a working internet connection. Contact us and we’ll set up a personal appointment.

Live-testing Converia

Sometimes a single test says more than a thousand words. Assure yourself of the look, feel and functionality of our conference management software by accessing our online demo.

The fictional Converia Developer Conference covers all areas of a scientific conference and thus allows you to test all features from an attendee’s point of view. Don’t worry: All system data were created solely for testing purposes which means we’ll neither charge you anything nor will it give rise to any obligations on your part.

Converia Trial Installation

The best way to find out about what Converia has in store for your conference management is by running it live on your system.

For this purpose, we provide you with a trial installation. Examine Converia carefully and explore its broad range of features in your own time.