High Usability

It's the user-friendly design that really shows the advantages of Converia's features. Users are guided through the structured interfaces to make it a perfect solution for managing your conferences.

You never lose sight of anything, quickly get where you want to go and tick off all your tasks effectively and without the usual stress.

Easy Handling

From the attendees’ perspective, Converia mainly stands out due to its clearly structured user interface. Divided into several easy-to-follow steps, the registration process is always uncluttered which lets users continue their booking without losing sight of the options already selected. Once everything is finished, the attendees automatically receive their invoice and booking formation, saving paper and reducing the correspondence to an eco-friendly minimum.

Plain & Simple

Whether you've already worked with a similar application before or you're using a conference management software for the very first time – starting with Converia is as easy as switching to our system. That's why we avoid using complicated explanations when developing our software. Nevertheless, there's also a manual with detailed step-by-step instructions and many examples to help you along the way.

Converia Dashboard

How many people have already signed up? How long will the early-bird rate be available? If you’re curious if everything is running according to plan, the Converia dashboard is all it takes to keep yourself informed. The essential data is always just a click away. And don’t be afraid when the number of attendees swells: Our price model makes sure the costs won’t go through the roof along with them.

Importing & Exporting Personal Data

Access your attendee list offline or use it after exporting it as an XLS file. If you already know the names of your attendees, simply import them in CSV format and you can begin sending out emails. Importing is also the quickest method of entering personal data of reviewers who are responsible for examining the scientific papers.

Automated Email Delivery

Keeping all attendees up to date isn’t that hard with Converia. Send out automated and personalized emails to everyone attending or get the word out to a smaller group. Detailed filters help you choose the right recipients.


Language-wise, Converia and your attendees are on the same page. Right now, the software supports several languages like English, German, French and Dutch – a perfect compliment to your international conferences.

Impressively Easy

Currently, there's a considerable number of features to simplify your daily conference routine and new ones are constantly being added. Of course, only after we are convinced that they'll help you get your work done easier.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Users are the best judges of whether or not a software is user-friendly. Read what our clients think about Converia.

Online Demo

Get started now with our online demo. The easy handling can best be experienced that way, no previous instruction needed.