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Virtual Venue - The Platform for Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

Our Virtual Venue platform is a comprehensive solution for moving your conferences and congresses into the virtual space or switching to a hybrid conference.

The Virtual Venue facilitates your work with many useful features in the following areas:

  • Livestreaming and Pre-recorded Videos

    The all-in-one platform combines both so that your conference can take place in a fully virtual environment or as a face-to-face conference with some virtual elements (hybrid conference).

  • Professional Exchange and Networking

    Attendees actively shape the content of your virtual conference by asking questions to speakers and participating in discussions. Contact suggestions based on common interests enable virtual networking.

  • Virtual Poster Sessions

    For organizers of virtual academic conferences, the Virtual Venue offers poster sessions including a feature that allows attendees to chat to poster authors.

  • Sponsors and Exhibitors

    The sponsors of your virtual conference use the Virtual Venue to present their products and services and can easily get in touch with your conference's participants.

  • Converia’s Conference Management Features

    You may also add the functionality of our conference management software Converia: Online registration, processing participation fees, invoice management and organizing paper submission and review. This also ensures that only registered persons can access the contents of your virtual conference.

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Advantages of Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

Virtual or hybrid conferences offer the following advantages for the organizers:

  • Opening the conference to a wider audience
  • Elimination of capacity problems during the event
  • Temporal equalization of the event, even across time zones
  • Provision of conference content over a long period of time even after the actual conference
  • Sale of event tickets also after the event
  • Savings through elimination of costs for e.g. hall, catering, on-site equipment, etc.

The following advantages are offered to the participants in virtual or hybrid conferences:

  • Attendance and participation in the conference even if you cannot be physically present
  • Possibility to see all lectures (also e.g. parallel running lectures) in the follow-up
  • Exchange with the community and the speakers by question & Answer per presentation
  • Consumption of the contents even over a longer period of time

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