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Conferences and congresses are a key instrument for exchanging experience and sharing knowledge. Since this year at the latest, organisers have had to rethink and many are considering or are already in the process of having the programme take place in the digital space.

With our conference management software Converia we offer you the perfect platform for the preparation, organization and realization of your virtual, digital or hybrid conference.

As an all-in-one software, Converia facilitates your work with many particularly useful features in the following areas:

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Virtual Venue - the platform for virtual and hybrid conferences

Starting in Q3/2020, registered conference participants will have access to an integrated platform called Virtual Venue, which seamlessly combines live streaming and webinars (e.g. via WebEx, Zoom or GoToWebinar) with pre-produced video recordings. In this way, face-to-face events can be combined with virtual event parts or conferences can be conducted completely virtually. Depending on the tracks and thematic sessions, the available video recordings or links to live webcasts are provided via the Converia platform. Live webcasts can be recorded and also stored as video in the platform. For each video, questions & answers (Q & A) can be exchanged with the speaker or discussions can be held between the participants. The presentations of the conference are thus available at any time and the interaction with the speaker and participants among themselves is given. >> let us advise you personally

Participant management & payment processing

Via the integrated website of the conference software your participants register independently, payment by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer is automatically processed online and all receipts such as invoice and booking confirmation in your corporate design are generated as PDF documents and sent to the participant by email. This allows you to monetize your virtual or hybrid conference perfectly and only registered participants get access to the live streams or videos of the presentations. >> more details

Submission & evaluation of contributions

Submit contributions as abstracts, evaluate them and then turn them into a programme: With Converia, the way is clear to run the entire process of contribution management with the help of one software. Authors submit their contributions independently, which are then assigned to reviewers for scientific evaluation. Once their evaluation is completed and the decision is finally confirmed by the conference committee, the authors are informed of the decision via an automated mail. >> more details

Programme planning

Based on your specifications, the conference software  automatically plans which lectures are to be presented in which session. You simply adapt this plan - via drag & drop - according to your wishes. The result is a valid conference schedule that takes into account the presentation types and presentation topics and avoids collisions. The participants of your event thus get an overview of when, for example, live video streams take place and in which thematic sessions the presentations will take place. This plan is also the basis for the virtual conference venue. >> more details

Data protection

We attach great importance to data protection. This means that data is only transmitted in highly encrypted form, is not processed or stored without your permission, and is stored exclusively on servers in Germany - naturally in a certified high-security data center. >> more details

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Advantages of virtual and hybrid conferences

Virtual or hybrid conferences offer the following advantages for the organizers:

  • Opening the conference to a wider audience
  • Elimination of capacity problems during the event
  • Temporal equalization of the event, even across time zones
  • Provision of conference content over a long period of time even after the actual conference
  • Sale of event tickets also after the event
  • Savings through elimination of costs for e.g. hall, catering, on-site equipment, etc.

The following advantages are offered to the participants in virtual or hybrid conferences:

  • Attendance and participation in the conference even if you cannot be physically present
  • Possibility to see all lectures (also e.g. parallel running lectures) in the follow-up
  • Exchange with the community and the speakers by question & Answer per presentation
  • Consumption of the contents even over a longer period of time

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