Flexible Abstract Management

Abstract management is nothing but a lot of stress and an endless mail exchange between authors, reviewers and the scientific committee? That’s not the case with Converia. Our software is able to cover the complex abstract management process in a way that includes all features while remaining easy to use. Manage the submissions centrally online. That way, reviewing becomes interactive and saves a lot of time.

And your dashboard is here to fill you in on the current reviewing progress. Abstract management has never been that simple.

Submit abstracts

Organize the abstract submission according to your conference’s requirements. Choose the file format as well as the file size, decide whether authors should provide you with a long or short version of their paper and select topics, submission periods and forms of presentation. Because every abstract has its own ID, you won’t lose track.

Review abstracts

Don’t be surprised if the reviewing process turns out to be exactly what you imagined. You define the essential reviewing criteria and decide who should be able to access which information. Import reviewers into the person database and assign the abstracts to them – or have them automatically assigned. If you go for the latter, you only need to choose how many reviewers are going to examine a paper and select the maximum number of contributions that will be assigned to a reviewer.

Monitor the reviewing progress

Thanks to the automated revision control of all short and long abstract versions you won’t miss anything ever. In addition, keeping track of the reviewing progress becomes effortless. The Converia dashboard always knows the current number of submissions and also that of the reviewers who still have some work to do. When the deadline is approaching, remind them of their task by sending a message via Converia.

Simplified communication

As soon as an abstract has been submitted, an automated email sent to the author, co-author and the administrator can confirm its receipt. Another – also automated – mail can inform the authors about the scientific committee’s final decision regarding their abstract. All of the mails are customizable so they can follow your corporate design guidelines.

Easy use

As far as the handling of the system is concerned, Converia is above all intuitive. Clearly designed input masks guide authors and reviewers through the abstract submission and the reviewing process. Besides, reviewers and the scientific committee are able to display a list of all submissions together with detailed information about an abstract.

Compile abstracts

Don’t let your event’s outcome slide into obscurity. It’s better to compile the proceedings and make them available for all attendees. As the system already contains all of the abstracts, putting them together is pretty easy. Whether you prefer your proceedings as a PDF file or in the form of a printed book is up to you to decide.

Devoted to serving science

The end of reviewing doesn’t mean the end of useful features. There are lots of others waiting to help you simplify your conference management.

Planning the schedule

Here’s something particularly useful for you: Converia has a feature that can add all program items automatically to the schedule. Once completed, it’s still able to handle short-term changes.

Online demo

Our demo shows you how simple abstract management can be. In order to provide a better and more realistic testing experience, we’ve already submitted some abstracts.