Efficient Attendee Management

An elaborate attendee management is the key to every successful conference. At the same time, managing your attendees is neither a matter which should be handled as a side issue nor is it the only thing that keeps you busy. Printable registration forms or signing up via email seems outdated and impractical because the more people register for your conference, the more confusing it becomes.

Converia’s attendee management system is completely web-based and helps you to become more flexible. That means you can comfortably manage registrations and people from everywhere around the world – whenever you want.

Online registration with setup assistant

What first started as a mere concept quickly evolves into an online registration form once the setup assistant comes into play. Define the booking options to your liking: one-day and multi-day tickets, optional workshops, packages and categories as well as individual benefits. Or you grant time-dependent discounts to reward early birds by charging them less. Besides, you can easily register and edit entire attendee groups. After signing up, all attendees who need to provide a verification document are asked to upload it. Once that's done, you can check the files immediately.

Automatically create tickets

Save yourself all the effort that comes with sending out every ticket: As soon as a person has completed the booking process, the ticket and the booking confirmation will make their way into the attendee's inbox and they will also be available for download. Just decide what the ticket should look like and you're all set. If the tickets have a barcode, attendees can use them for the on-site self check-in.

Customized vouchers

Use Converia's voucher module whenever you want to alter the booking process for individual attendees or groups. Specify special discounts or define additional booking options and offer more payment methods. Everyone who enters their voucher code when registering online will then benefit from special rates. Define extra offers that are only visible to members of an organization, VIP attendees or accredited journalists so that signing up becomes a breeze for them.

Name badge printing directly from Converia

When printing your customized name badges, you can choose between different options. Either that's a task for our printers so you have all badges ready when the conference starts and just need to hand them out to the attendees. Or you print them yourself directly from Converia during the on-site check-in.

We just need a few more details to show you the perfect solution for your conference.

Ecofriendly attendee management

Sustainable actions should be a given but they're not supposed to involve considerable expense. Using Converia reduces the attendee management paper trail - you can even organize a paperless conference if that's what you're looking for. Each of the important documents is always available in digital form.

Integrated hotel booking

Thanks to Converia, no one should encounter any trouble finding a suitable accommodation. Let prospective attendees know about the hotels where you have reserved room blocks. In order to book, they only have to select their room category as well as arrival and departure dates. Upon completing the registration process, a booking.com search form can also help to find a room.

Manage speakers and members

Members of an organization, VIP attendees or accredited journalists can sign up faster thanks to special offers you have created in Converia and that are only visible to them. The only thing that's left to do for you is to inform the software about the people who can claim these discounts.
You also use Converia to invite speakers and chairs via mail to your conference. An overview will show you the RVSPs you've already sent or are planning to send as well as their current state. Each recipient will be directed to the speaker portal where they just have to select whether they want to accept the offer or not.

Book tickets faster

If you already know who your future conference attendees are, you can speed up the registration process. Import the data of all persons for which you want to book predefined offer packages for to Converia. These packages include all options that are necessary to register. That way, attendees sign up in just a moment, even on-site. You can also decide whether Converia creates individual invoices or a collective one for a group of participants for you.

There’s more to come

Now that the foundations have been laid, let’s head to the next level and organize the payment management. Of course Converia is here to help you dealing with that task as well. Or you take a look at all the features.

Data privacy

Protecting your attendees’ personal data is serious business. By complying with data protection laws, we make sure that they won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Online demo

Find out how exactly our attendee management works. A live test is the best way to do that. Start our free online demo now and see what our software can do for your conference.