Professional Check-In

Converia remains invincible, even on-site. Super fast check-in and self-service solutions provide for your attendees’ stress-free arrival devoid of queues. A quick scan of their name badges lets you know who should have access to which events or to which areas.

How you arrange the check-in procedure is entirely up to you. But you can always rely on Converia.

Even Faster Check-In

Sifting through pages of attendees is tedious business but will finally become redundant now. Our software instantly tells you all there is to know. To see if the participation fee has already been paid, simply scan the barcode on the ticket. Converia then takes care of the rest.

Customized Check-In Procedure

Choose if your attendees need to check in only once or if it should be a daily routine. Establishing separate admission controls for events such as the conference dinner, workshops or presentations is also possible.

Self-Service Check-In & Badge Printing

A self-service solution gets your attendees checked in a matter of seconds. Use a scanner to read the barcode on the ticket and the name badge will be printed automatically. Converia even offers a last-minute self-service option for walk-ins to register themselves upon their arrival on-site.

Issuing, Tracking & Earning CME Credits

A quick scan of the barcode on the name badge is all it takes to acquire continual medical education credits at healthcare conferences. Just scan once whenever someone enters the room and again when the person leaves. This enables you to record who attends a session and for how long. A participant's collected credits are automatically transferred to the medical associations upon the end of the conference. Every attendee will also receive a personal certificate of attendance.

Equipment Available To Rent

When your software gets along well with your hardware, your conference is likely to have a smooth start and you probably won’t encounter any major problems during the check-in procedure. We’ll make sure you’ve got the right equipment and supply you with barcode scanners and name-badge printers.

How do you Pull Off a Straightforward Streamlined Check-In?

Our experience has shown that planning a trouble-free check-in still challenges many organizers. Converia is here for you, long before check-in kicks off. We make sure you’ll get all the support you need. And the answer to each problem.

The Full Check-In Experience

Converia has a lot of features to simplify your check-in procedure. Get to know them in detail and, who knows, maybe you'll even find your next favorite conference must-have.

Your Corporate Design …

… is nothing to sneeze at. Flaunt it on your conference website, your conference folders and also on the name badges. Our software even helps you create them directly from the system.