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Our clients represent a wide variety of professions. And just as diverse are the challenges that come with each of their conferences. However, we remain consistent: We’re always looking for the best solution to fit your needs, whatever you require. And we are pleased to welcome everyone who wants us to take their conference to the next level. Learn about what we've already been able to accomplish and get to know all the projects we’re currently turning into success stories.

Case Studies

World Congress with 4,000 Attendees and High Standards

World Congress with 4,000 Attendees and High Standards

In our case study, we describe how our perfectly-tailored solution helped the German Social Accident Insurance at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

Converia in Use


Here's a sample of the more than 1,000 clients that have already begun using Converia:

Current Projects

Client Project Date Industry
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Geschichte Siebte Schweizerische Geschichtstage 06/2025 Culture & Education
DGUV IFA B2: Gefährdung durch Biostoffe am Arbeitsplatz - Forum 12/2024 Industrial Safety
DGUV IFA M1: Sicherheitstechnik von Maschinen 12/2024 Industrial Safety
Conventive OG Fallkonferenz Pränataldiagnostik I 15. November 2023 11/2024 Health Care
DGUV IFA G13: Einstieg in die Gefährdungsbeurteilung mit GESTIS-Stoffenmanager 11/2024 Industrial Safety

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