Converia for PCOs & Organizations

With Converia, you'll manage all of your conferences from a central system and without losing track of anything. Handle attendees, bookings, abstracts and sessions effortlessly. Learn why Converia is the best conference management software out there.

  • Ideal for Conferences of Any Size

    Converia is ideally suited for all sorts of conferences. It makes no difference whether you’re organizing seminars and advanced training courses with few attendees or international scientific conferences and meetings with thousands of participants. You can even manage events that take place simultaneously.

  • Modular Structure

    Converia is geared to what you need. Combine customized features for each of your conferences to your liking. If you need a wider range of functions than initially planned, you can always add the necessary modules.

  • Web-Based & in Real Time

    To use our software, you never have to bother with installing or updating. Converia is entirely web-based. That means it's ready to go from the start and can be updated often. It also allows multiple users to access the data from anywhere in real time, making your planning team that much more productive.

  • Extensive Enterprise Features

    Streamlined interfaces and special tools help you to work more effectively and to keep administrative costs as low as possible. Accounting interfaces simplify the exchange with the financial management, payments can be matched to their respective invoice in a matter of seconds and rights management becomes simple and central. Moreover, our privacy module handles personal data appropriately.

  • Simplified Member Management

    Create special offers and discounts exclusively for members of your association. Because you already know who they are, there's no need for them to provide verification in order to claim the discounts. You only need a list of all the members which can be imported to Converia and updated at any time. To register for one of your conferences, users just need to authenticate themselves as a member by entering their ID and personal information or simply use a provided link.

  • Manage Speakers & RSVPs

    Send invites to speakers and chairs to continuously improve the quality of your events. Converia informs you about the current state of all RSVPs in an overview that can be filtered by multiple criteria. All of the RSVPs you have sent contain a link that leads directly to the speaker portal where the invitees only have to confirm or waive their participation.

  • Premium Support & Comprehensive Services

    We are not satisfied until you are. That’s the reason why we not only provide guidance prior to your conference, but also continue to offer assistance and advice after it's already started. Our technical support always offers a sympathetic ear to your questions and needs.

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