Excellent Services

Through our years of experience in conference management, we know what it takes to pull off a successful event. Let our services support you throughout each stage of your conference.

There's always plenty of room for your needs and your conference’s special requirements.


Do you need any information regarding attendee registration, the conference website or the overall approach? Prior to its start, we'll get to know your event and answer your questions. While working closely with you, we will analyze the special challenges your conference may have and select all the Converia features you need, in order to address them from the get-go.

Web Hosting

We happily host both the conference management software and your conference website on our servers that are powered by renewable energy. Backing up our customers’ data and databases for the conference website is part of our daily routine. In addition, we store backups for up to 10 days.

Corporate Design

Your conference should be recognized for its uniqueness. That can best be expressed by a customized corporate design. Events with a consistent and distinctive appearance stand out from those who follow a similar pattern. It's easy to continue to achieve your high recognition value with Converia since our conference management software fits your established corporate design and guidelines. And, in case you don’t have your own design yet, we are happy to create it for you.

Promotional Items

We also can provide you with a wide range of materials to promote your conference – following your corporate design guidelines, of course. Announce your event with a flyer or poster designed by us, hand out customized conference folders and pass out name badges to your attendees at the check-in counters. All scientific contributions are collected in the proceedings and are available as a digital version as well upon request. Additionally, we offer a broad range of merchandise, including ballpoint pens, clothing and bags – choose whatever you want.

Technical Support

While planning and running the conference, you should be able to focus on the essentials. Leave the technical matters including the implementation of, maintenance of and support for the conference management software to us. We will also help your staff with getting to know Converia with a training session. Over the course of your event, we always provide support via email or phone.

Only the Best for your Conference

We offer no less than the full scope of conference management. No matter which of our services and features you make use of, all of your data will always be stored safely.

Conference Websites

With our high-performing content management system you can create conference website in no time.

Data Protection & Privacy

Your attendees’ data is safe with us. We never will pass them on to unauthorized third parties.