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Reaching your very own goals is much easier once you start working with a solution which meets your requirements. No matter if you manage registrations, accept abstract submissions and organize the review or if you automatically create the conference schedule - our software is always the perfect tool for all tasks connected to your conference management.

Find out which features are available for the different Converia licenses and help you improve your conferences.

  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Operation on multiple redundant servers optimized to Converia in a German datacenter (certified to ISO 27001)  
Alternatively operation on client's own servers    
Unlimited amount of conferences    
Multi-lingual conferences  
Free customizable templates that can be adjusted to match the organizer's corporate design  
Use of own domains possible  
White labeling the frontend possible Branded with the organizer's design
Regular updates with optimizations and new features  
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Central person database  
Cross-conference login    
Customize additional fields  
vCard export for persons  
Export of filtered person data to MS Excel  
Versatile filter options by persons and roles  
Accessing person data from other systems via REST API    
User-definable selection of academic titles for each conference  
Intelligent reconciliation of duplicate person entries  
Conference history for each person    
Import of person lists from MS Excel  
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Mass emailing with dynamic placeholders for personal information  
Correctly gendered form of address in mass emails Dear Ms. Doe, Dear Dr. Smith, …
HTML, plain text and multi-part emails  
Emailing using custom sender address  
Customizable email subject lines, sender and content  
Automated scheduled sending of emails  
Emailing using own SMTP server    
Sending file attachments  
Free selection of recipients e. g. with free-text search or all reviewers that aren't registered yet, or all attendees that haven't paid yet
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Exports Exports among others generally possible in XLS. Also REST API and special export modules (see below)
Conference program data  
Attendees of individual sub-events  
Interface to external accounting systems    
Export of invoice and booking data to the client’s financial accounting    
Export of individual or all conferences    
Freely selectable time frames for exporting    
Existing DATEV interface    
Existing SAP interface    
More systems can be linked    
Summary portal
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Portal with summary of all conferences e. g. a list for conferences, another list for seminars or separated by areas
Optional monthly display    
Breakdown by departments or type of conference    
Branding as conference portal for organizations    
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Use of existing default user groups  
Definition of custom user groups with custom access rights  
Controlling access rights of individual users and groups for individual modules  
Controlling access rights of individual users to individual events    
Authentication of backend users via LDAP directory    
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Creating new conferences by copying existing events  
Intuitive user interface  
All essential conference data at a glance with the Converia dashboard  
Easy configuration of the registration process with WYSIWYG editors  
Simplified single sign-on authentication - Converia login by using the existing university or employee account   e.g. Shibboleth
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Optional conferences setup by the Converia team  
Service-level agreements bookable monthly  
Premium support with personal contact person bookable  
Attendee Management
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Reusable user accounts for attendees  
Discounts for customizable person groups e. g. students, members, VIPs, speakers, sponsors, …
Verification management for person groups where verification is required e. g. enrollment certification, membership certificates
Any number of scalable discount levels e. g. early bird rates
Any number of scalable cancellation conditions  
Automated invoice creation according to VAT act  
Invoices with customizable letterheads as PDF  
Group registration with collective invoices  
Optional including of booking.com hotel search feature  
Offering of own room blocks  
Limitation/allotment administration for bookable items  
Definition of conditions under which specified services can be combined  
Tickets including your conference's corporate design with barcodes and QR codes  
PDF confirmations of payment on your letterhead  
Automated creation of confirmations of participation  
Confirmations of participation as PDF on your letterhead with individual details, depending on the lists used for checking in the attendee
Flexible display of registration options e. g. for events free of charge, events with few options, events with many options
Editable bookings e. g. cancellations, follow-up bookings, edit attendee, edit booked positions, …
Automated email communication with attendees  
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Definition of custom voucher categories with special privileges  
Definition of vouchers with custom validity and amount of permissible bookings using one voucher  
Activation of hidden person groups  
Custom discounts for individual services  
Predefined shopping carts  
Activation of hidden payment methods for individual attendees  
Member management
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Definition of special terms, offers and discounts for members of an organization  
Shortened registration process by means of direct entry via link  
Import of all member data in CSV format  
Automated member list data synchronization with the previous version when updating information  
VAT accounting
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Support of the B2B reverse-charge mechanism within Europe  
Automated verification of entrepreneur status as part of the reverse-charge mechanism  
Custom definition of VAT rates according to specific national frameworks  
Accounting of different VAT rates for one service depicted as one position with a price in the ticket shop, depicted as separate positions on the invoice
Accounting according to VAT act  
Payment processing
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Recording of incoming payments for invoices  
Optional complete payment processing by Converia without own credit card contracts  
Alternatively use of client’s payment contracts  
Credit cards Existing interfaces for acceptance of VISA, MasterCard and American Express with the following contractual partners:
  • Computop
  • Concardis
  • Ogone
  • SaferPay
  • Datatrans
  • S-Internetkasse
  • Gassen und Schmidt Zahlungssysteme
  • Heidelpay
Bank transfer  
Electronic direct debit  
Instant bank transfer  
BESR payment slip (Switzerland)  
iDEAL (Netherlands)  
Linking of custom contractual partners  
Automated import of bank account statements    
Automatically generated payment confirmation documents on letterhead  
Customizable surcharge for additional costs  
Time-controlled availability of payment options of attendees  
Methods of payment optional only for organizers  
Name badges
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Automated creation of name badges for individual attendees and groups  
Definition of custom name badge templates  
Definition of different name badge templates per conference e. g. VIP, member, press, speaker
Definition of rules to automatically assign name badge templates to attendees  
Definition of name badges in different output formats plastic card, butterfly badge, label printing
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
On-site check of access authorization  
Record of participant attendance  
On-site name badge printing at the check-in counter  
Use of smartphone check-in app (beta)    
Self-service check-in terminals  
Barcode and QR code scan feature to find attendees quickly  
Check-in on different lists (e. g. day-by-day or for individual events)  
Creation of participation confirmations whose content can be derived from different check-ins  
Shortened registration process and check-in by means of predefined bookings for individual person groups  
Abstract Management
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Submission of scientific papers by authors  
Submission by author or on behalf of authors  
Submission of abstracts, full papers and presentations  
Multi-level submission processes  
Plain text submission  
Formatted text submission  
MS Word file submission  
PDF file submission  
Latex submission  
Submission in format combinations  
Any number of authors for a paper allowed  
Definition of additional mandatory or optional fields for paper submission  
Definition of which default fields should be visible and which should be mandatory  
Possibility to define different submission notes  
Optional request to accept the terms of publication  
Definition of any number of speakers for a paper  
Time-controlled paper submission  
Editing of papers by submitters after submitting possible  
Papers editable by organizer at any time  
Free definition of topics, even hierarchical  
Definition of presentation forms e.g. oral presentation, poster presentation, workshop, …
Definition of a contact person for a submission  
Export of submission texts to InDesign  
Export of submission texts to Excel  
Export of submission files as ZIP package  
Session submission  
Restrictable maximum number of submissions per person  
Automated email communication with authors  
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Online reviewing of submissions by external reviewers  
Multi-level reviewing of submissions  
Import of reviewers from XLS file  
Blind and double-blind reviews  
Automated assignment of reviewers to papers according to criteria defined by you  
Manual assignment of reviewers to papers  
Definition of section chairs who manage specific topic reviews  
Definition of custom review criteria e. g. grading, multiple choice, free-text answers, suggestion of topic and form of presentation, suggestion of a decision (accept, reject, needs revision, …)
Reviewing of individual papers already possible when paper submission is still open  
Revision loops between reviewers and authors possible  
Monitoring of reviewing progress of individual reviewers  
Communication options between reviewers, scientific committee and authors  
Final decision by the scientific committee  
Notification of authors regarding reviewing results via mass email including personal and submission-related placeholders  
Optional automated creation of print-optimized PDFs of all papers to be reviewed for reviewers  
Custom layout for print-optimized reviewing PDF    
Speaker management
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Sending invitations to speakers and chairs incl. reminder mailings  
Filterable general overview of all invitees and persons considered candidates for invitation  
Speaker portal for accepting or declining invitations  
Including a speaker agreement  
Simplified distribution of access data for Converia registration per email e.g. for reviewers, speakers, ...
For organizers
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Automated scheduling of accepted papers  
Manual adjustment of the schedule per drag and drop  
Collision-proof prevention of simultaneous presentations by a speaker  
Free definition of session roles and assigning persons to these roles e. g. chair, co-chair, moderator, …
Day-by-day definition of rooms used  
Assignment of numbers for submissions  
Display of current positive and negative answers for presentations  
Automated removal of cancelled and unconfirmed presentations  
Provision of planning data for website module  
Export of planning data for print version setting in InDesign  
Export of planning data in CSV format  
Updates to the conference schedule displayed by the app  
Optional email notifications for speakers about time, location and session of their presentation  
Parallel planning of alternatives in different drafts  
Creating and managing sessions and submissions incl. access rights with automatic transfer to the conference schedule with sponsor details, CME credits, video recording of the session
Adding new submissions without having to undergo the entire submission process  
Adding free events to the conference schedule e.g. breaks between presentations in a session
Person list with all speakers and chairs  
For attendees
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Display of global conference calendar in calendar and agenda view  
Creation of a personal conference calendar  
Download of abstracts or manuscripts for individual presentations  
Search for authors, speakers and titles  
Optional display of photo and résumé of speakers  
Filter by sessions, forms of presentation and topics  
Conference App
Powerful app configured to suit your conference's needs
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Retrieval and editing of personal conference schedule  
Integration and display of social media feeds  
Display adjustable to match the conference's corporate design e. g. colors, icons, logos, fonts
Display of latest schedule version navigable in terms of time, topic or authors
Offline availability  
Evaluation of individual presentations by attendees  
Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone  
Distribution on several app stores possible    
Display of speakers (according to schedule)  
Navigation across topics  
Provision of customized content e. g. itinerary, contact details, accommodation, sponsors
Self Service
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Self-service printing of name badges (badge printing)  
Verification of accreditations for individual events (check-in)  
Documenting attendances of participants (check-in)  
Compatible with latest Windows OS versions  
Compatible with latest MacOS versions  
Paper and smartphone tickets scannable  
Corporate design station branding  
Self-service on-site badge printing by attendees after scanning the Converia tickets
Compatible with all customary printers e. g. card printer, laser printer, thermal printer
Quick provision of badges without expensive employment of staff  
Multi-language operation of the consoles  
Intuitively guided process  
Quick on-site self-check in of attendees
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Check-in on different lists e. g. room-wise, day-wise, for individual events, ...
Suitable for collecting CME credits  
Day-by-day check-in options  
Session-related check-in option  
Event-related check-in option e. g. dinner, city tour
Content Management
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Responsive default templates  
Use of custom templates  
Use of responsive design    
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Entry and maintenance of website content via WYSIWYG editor  
Internal and external links  
Integration of images via multimedia database  
Structured storage of content in folders  
Use of content on different pages of a website  
Use of content on different websites    
Embedding videos  
Placing sponsor logos  
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Selection of any language combinations for each conference  
Use of custom website structure for each language  
Support of different character sets via UTF-8  
Retrieval of Converia data for further use
  Express (Cloud) Master Agreement Notes
Retrieval of all current conferences   e. g. CRM systems, member administration, external CMS, …
Retrival of all persons    
Retrieval of all persons of a conference  
Retrieval of all submissions    
Retrieval of all submissions for each conference  


This feature is available by default.

This feature can be made available upon request.

This feature is not included.

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