The All-In-One Conference Management Software

Converia covers all stages of organizing a conference and merges them into one software. Pick only the features and components you need, combine them to your liking and enhance them with a number of add-on modules.
While you’re busy planning and marketing your conference, Converia takes care of the rest. That way, nothing can put a stop to a smooth and successful conference.

Efficient Attendee Management

Your conference’s finalized online registration form is a mere minute away with Converia. Your attendees are then guided through the registration process with ease.

  • automatically create tickets
  • set discounts, offers and vary prices for your specific target groups
  • print name badges directly from Converia
Efficient Attendee Management

Transparent Payment Management

Comfortable, safe and clear – payment processing has never been so simple. If you prefer to focus on other things instead, we will gladly lend you a hand and take care of your entire payment management.

  • supports all common methods of payment
  • distribution of all revenues within a narrow time frame
  • little effort and low costs
Transparent Payment Management

Flexible Abstract Management

Converia’s abstract management comprises every step from submitting abstracts to planning the conference program. That of course includes the entire reviewing process. Feel free to organize it the way you want – the software adjusts itself to your needs.

  • adapt the abstract submission process according to your conference's specific requirements
  • automatically assign abstracts to reviewers and make manual adjustments
  • complete control over the reviewing progress at any time
Efficient Attendee Management

Clear Scheduling and Planning

The visual event planner automatically creates an overview of all items. Not only does that help you with planning the conference, it’s also of use to your attendees, as they will always know where they are supposed to be.

  • automatically create the schedule and manually adjust and update it
  • create personalized schedules
  • quickly find individual presentations by using the search function
Efficient Attendee Management

Customized Conference Website

It’s never wrong to draw attention to your conference. Attracting the interested public becomes much easier once the conference website is up and running. Thanks to an integrated content management system, you are able to maintain the entire site without having to wrap your head around coding.

  • adaptable to your existing corporate design
  • easily create new pages
  • multimedia library
Customized Conference Website

Professional Check-In

Everything is running smoothly on-site. Checking in a person doesn’t take longer than a few seconds with Converia. Say goodbye to long queues. Your attendees will love it.

  • quickly print name badges live
  • last minute on-site registration and payment
  • self-service check-in
Professional Check-In

Convenient Conference App

There’s also a Converia version that fits in your pocket. But our conference app doesn’t just replace the printed program, it also allows everyone to put their very own schedule together and rate presentations they’ve attended.

  • full listing of all topics including abstracts
  • ability to adjust and update as needed
  • works in offline mode
Convenient Conference App

Excellent Services

Our service starts with a consultation during which we’ll discuss the components and features that best fit your needs. A customized training session will help your staff get familiar with our software. We also offer on-site support during check-in.

  • configuration assistance and technical support
  • web hosting on our servers and data backups
  • print products and merchandise
Excellent Services

High Usability

It's not just the ever-growing range of features that makes our software quite complex. At the same time, it's important to us that everyone is able to use Converia. That's why we put great emphasis on making everything as clear and as easy to understand as possible.

  • all essential key figures regarding attendees and bookings available at a glance
  • automatically create and send personalized documents and messages
  • easily import and export person data
High Usability

Start Planning Your Conference with Converia

All Converia Features

Converia comes with a great deal of features for every stage in the conference management process. Explore the whole range of opportunities our software offers you and find out how they can help you plan a successful conference.