Transparent Payment Management

Trouble-free payment processing upon signing up is another feature successful conferences have in common. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done - at least for those who have never worked with Converia. Anyone scared of losing track of hundreds of invoices and receipts is in for a surprise.

And everyone who prefers a full-time focus on the actual conference planning gets their wish granted as well since we're happy to take over and handle the payments for you. Transparent and conveniently.

Customized options

Set all booking options, prices and price groups and let your attendees select their preferred options. Of course the decision of how they pay their participation fees is part of that. Bank transfer, credit card or on-site payment – it’s all possible with Converia.

Online payment

Everyone who likes to handle their entire booking online truly gets their money’s worth. PayPal completes the list of payment methods and makes signing up a lot more comfortable. You're going to benefit from that as well: All PayPal payments immediately appear in your bank account and are automatically booked in Converia - just like all credit card payments.

Flexible booking management

Take a look at the Converia dashboard for the current number of outstanding payments. The system provides you with up-to-date details on every booking. Filters and search functions help you to get the information you’re looking for. Besides, managing different billing addresses becomes as simple as editing and canceling bookings.

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Payment management by Converia

You choose the payment methods and then we take over.
We’ll gladly carry out all payment processing activities and issue tickets and invoices on your behalf. Once the conference is over, you’ll get a detailed final account from us and we’ll transfer the participation fees directly to your bank account. And for all of this we only charge you 2.95% of the invoice total (plus VAT).

Invoice distribution

Issuing every invoice yourself should be out of the question. If you want, Converia automatically sends out all the essential receipts.
Attendees will also be notified via email as soon as their payment has been received.

Quick payment import

It usually takes a lot of time to match all payments transferred to your bank account with the respective invoice – unless you let the Converia payment importer take care of the matching process. It’s just a matter of seconds until it provides you with the best possible suggestions. Quickly check them and mark this task complete.

Precisely fitting and reliable

It’s our aim to make the registration as convenient as possible. Among other features, easy payment should be an integral part of the deal. We help you to find the best solution.

More information

You’ve got questions, need further information or would like to request a trial installation? Let us know.

Get to know Converia

How does Converia’s payment management actually work? We’ll give you access to the administration interface so you can get to know the features from an organizer’s point of view.