Clear Scheduling and Planning

The more conferences you are supposed to manage, the harder it gets to gain an overview of all program items. However, it’s possible with our visual conference planner. You won’t lose sight of anything – not even when there are short-term changes to your schedule.

Turn single program items into a timetable overview automatically. And then customize it as you want.

Creating the schedule

The visual conference planner generates an overview of all program items. You first insert those with a set time and place yourself. Following this, the time slots can be filled with the remaining items automatically. If you want to rearrange them afterwards, just drag and drop them anywhere you like.

Customized overviews

Display only those conferences that are relevant to you. That keeps attendees and speakers informed of when and where they are supposed to be. Or only display items that belong to a certain topic. Or just select all workshops. Or search for certain items directly.

Up-to-date information

Make changes to your conference schedule in order to keep it up to date. Even when the conference has already started. And because you can always keep your attendees posted that way, you surely won’t find anyone who would prefer a printed schedule to its digital version.

Smart planning

Being in two places at once still isn't possible, not even for your speakers. Converia knows that and therefore steers clear of asking the impossible when planning your sessions automatically. Separated schedule planning regarding content and time makes it easier for you to decide who is allowed to edit which parts of the schedule. It also enables you to stay flexible when managing the schedule even if you're working on a large conference. Alle changes are immediately visible and will be displayed in the right place on the schedule from where you can edit them whenever you like.

Building and room management

Having a location is essential for your conference. It’s also essential for your schedule hence our software helps you with managing buildings and rooms. Define buildings within the system and assign rooms to them before putting the timetable together.

Colorful structure

We want you to have a clear and structured overview. That’s the reason why the different kinds of conference program items vary in color.

A good Planning is half the Battle

As you don’t want it to be just a partial victory, we’ve got some other premium-quality features which are about to turn your conference into a truly unique experience. Did you know for instance that there’s a schedule that fits in your pocket?

Conference App

With our conference app, your attendees can put their very own schedule together to take around with them. And that's not the end of it since the app brings a lot more to the table.

From an Administrator's POV

You’d like to know how to fill the schedule with all the items on your agenda? We'll provide you with the whole range of scheduling features so you can give them a test run.